3 Signs You're Meant To Do Bigger Things Posted on 24 Oct 08:16


1. You Can't Work For Anyone Else

This was my first inkling that I thought I would do something bigger than just run the hamster wheel. At first, I thought it was just because my parents were self-employed while I was growing up and I just had this learned sense of entitlement. When you're parents dropped everything last minute for family vacations, clearly that seems like a good route to take. I've worked many jobs, and they were just that, jobs. I wasn't happy. I wasn't passionate, I didn't feel alive when I went to work too hard to fulfill someone else's dream. I wanted to pursue my dreams. You find yourself craving freedom, flexibility, and growth that you just know you can't satisfy working for someone else.

2. You're A Procrastinator

Do you find it hard to do something unless you feel inspired or passionate about the task you're doing? You have deep desire for something bigger, something more meaningful and impactful. If fear is stopping you from taking action, evaluate that fear. Write out the worst case-scenarios and decide if they're really that bad. Take the risk, if you win you'll be happy, if you fail, you'll be wise. 

3. You're A Dreamer

You've always got new ideas for awesome projects, sometimes so many that it's overwhelming and almost impossible to focus on just one. This is the biggest indicator that you're meant to do big things, whether or not you take action and actually do big things is up to you. Make an effort every day to work towards your goals. 

Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” ~ William Shakespeare


5 Strategies to Drive Traffic From Instagram To Your Blog Posted on 06 Oct 16:35

Instagram is used by over 77 million people every single day, these are just the daily users. What about the people that check Instagram less frequently? There are over 300 million Instagram users every month. 330 MILLION! That is A LOT of opportunity in our opinion. So with that opportunity, how can we drive more traffic to our blog from Instagram?

1. Post An Eye-catching Photo That Ties Into Your Blog Post

Get in the habit of having your blog post icon be visually appealing enough for Instagram. This also allow you to share this photo via Pinterest, Facebook and other social media sites as well which will ultimately drive traffic. It's a simple extra step (or not if you take amazing photos already) that can make an impact on your blog traffic. 

2. Do You Have A Link In Your Profile?

It sounds like something so obvious, but often times we are so excited to get our Instagram page up and running that we completely forget about this essential. 

3. Use Creative Videos

Show the real side of your blog and business through videos. Share a blooper clip, a silly video compilation, day in the life or even a short teaser about your blog topic. Use videos to connect with your following and direct them to your blog for more. 

4. Share Exclusive Content On Your Blog

Posting a teaser image and directing them to the blog for the full, exclusive content is a great hook to get them over to the blog. Sharing exclusive promotions and giveaways will entice them to stick around.

5. Be Authentic

People connect best with people who are real and genuine. Share yourself and what you're all about, people will appreciate it and connect on a deeper level. When your audience likes you, they'll have no problem heading over to your blog for more.